Where can I obtain my copy of “insert album’s name” album?
Currently Vendetta V ships CDs himself. Prices range from 5$ for downloads up to 20$ for limited edition CDs. For more information, please visit out bandcamp page.

Who is The Creep?
The Creep is Vendetta V himself, often being referred as The Paperface as well.

Where is he from?
Nobody knows exactly. He however is believed to live in The Factory.

The Factory?
A prohibited facility shut by the federals years ago. It’s still half functioning now. The Creep has been spotted walking behind the building’s broken windows hence the belief. Other signs are the English letters warning about danger and one sign saying ‘funeral’ currently few pictures are available of The Factory that are on the covers of Vendetta V’s 3rd album called the same way.

Is he a bad guy or something?
So far nobody knows. The Factory is a creepy place and nobody has escaped it or so the rumours go. Many people however report that he seems extremely calm and usually is kind during his concerts.

Does The Creep have a family?
No, he does not have a family and is completely alone, or so is the rumour. He resides at his Factory alone however he has appeared in public several times in the company of M. Sagatelli and earlier Arpi G. in the past.

Who is M. Sagtelli?
A person who’s been spotted next to The Creep for the last few years. Thanksgiving notes also can be found on websites and albums to M. Sagatelli.

Does V have a face?
Yes, it’s made of paper…

What guitar(s) does V play?
V’s main instrument is black custom Fender Stratocaster with a rosewood neck, some Dimarzio dual rail pickups on bridge and neck positions, a Shadow killpot and some other mods that are held as a secrete by The Creep himself. Some people say he has refered to the Strat as Funeral Strat a few times. Among the backup guitars the most remarkable one is his red Grazioso from 1968. It is usually in open Gm tuning.

What about his amps?
Vendetta V is believed to be using Mesa Dual Rectifiers in his recordings. He’s been also spotted with Orange Amplifiers in his Europe tours and he personally has mentioned his love for both Mesa and Orange Amplifiers. He also often performs without an amp relying completely on his ampless rig.

So far it’s known that he constantly uses Digitech Whammy IV, Morley PWA from ’92, aVenger Pedals The Factory custom fuzz pedal and God Box pedals.

He mainly uses heavy Cactus Picks. He’s also known for sharpening his picks himself “To gain the perfect balance”. He using various shapes with various gauge for various results in various situations.

Can I mail him?
Yes. Send your mails with a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope to the current mailing address of Vendetta V: Barbyus 63 apt. 27, 0028 Yerevan, Armenia. To Vendetta V. We will pass it to him. You can send wishes, regards, gifts and may expect a reply from him (he will do his best to get back to you as soon as he can) with a collectible card, autographed photo or even a little letter.

What is his life like?
It’s believed that everyday life is full of various events, apart from music, he also takes part in various experiments, production, etc. At nights he sits in an armchair in a big hall in the Factory in front of a fireplace which lights only few square feet of the hall. According to Arpi G. The Creep isn’t really happy thru his life.
Vendetta V has said that he enjoys making and collecting different masks.
As mentioned earlier he conducts various researches and experiments on paranormal activity, phenomenas, psychology and psychiatry with his trusted friend Dr. Zachary T.

I want to contact The Creep for an interview, booking, composing music for my project.
Please see the contacts page here. Feel free to send your queries.

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