The factory. An abysmal place, with only rusted beams, broken windows, and dilapidated machinery to greet the lost wanderer. But among the ruins of this Industrial era construction, hidden somewhere in the Armenian landscape, lives a person much unlike you and I. A person whose story is one that has passed few lips and even fewer ears. A person called Vendetta V, also know as the Creep. A person whose devotion to his art, is a story both commendable and sad.


This 20 something man lives in the shell of this once busy factory, or at least, that is what one can assume as he never strays far from it, secluding himself from the outside world as much as possible. His past is mysterious and enigmatic, and his day-to-day life is unknown to most. Birthplace, family, school, relationships, these are all things that we do not know about him, and maybe never will. But one thing that is certain is his devotion to his art; music, or more specifically, psycho metal; an amalgam of psychedelic rock, progressive rock, horror metal, and horror shred. But of course, fusing all this into a single style is no easy task, requiring endless hours of practice, and sheer devotion, as well as the correct tools.


In Vendetta V’s case, he utilizes a custom black Fender Stratocaster with a rosewood neck, Shadow killpot, and Dimarzo dual rail pickups on bridge and neck positions. He also possesses an assortment of backup guitars, of which the most notable is his red Grazioso, straight from 1968. His musical style can be recognized by its abrupt and unexpected notes, created through the use of a variety of effect pedals; most being provided by God Box Fx. Chromatic and atonal licks are also heavily used, along with stuttering noises, weird sounds, and sometimes just random noise.


Along with his austere abode and secluded lifestyle, is probably his most striking feature, his mask. A mask made with paper mash, along with sunglasses, hence his alternate name: Paperface. It’s not completely clear as to why he covers his face, but in a rare conversation with him, he claims that its main purpose is to hide his outward emotions, and remove the distraction of his face, allowing us to experience his emotions through only one medium, his music. To date, he has never been seen without his mask, which he sometimes claims is his real face. An interesting point to be made clear, is the fact that the paper mash mask is actually made of newspapers, which he claims in the same conversation that just as newspapers carry the news of the world (or at least they used to), in using newspapers for his mask, his “face” now represents the world, his world.


Despite living such a secluded life, he has managed to make some close friends, most of them musicians like himself, and in asking them about Vendetta V, one thing has been made clear: that despite his solitude, and sometimes other-worldly behavior, his skill with the guitar, his range of emotional levels during playing, and his machine-like dedication to his art, is nothing short of extraordinary.



God Box FX

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